As a Londoner of Antiguan parentage I have regularly visited the West Indies since childhood. Much of my work consists of landscapes and seascapes of Antigua.  When visiting the island I paint in watercolour, often from the coast, overlooking either the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. I also paint the local countryside.

The intensity and sharpness of light in the Caribbean demands use of a stronger, more intense array of colours and I attempt to capture the sub-tropical light, heat and vivid colours in many of my paintings. I also paint Caribbean vistas which are naturally less vivid, drawing on a cooler, more muted palette to capture landscapes and seascapes in overcast conditions or at dawn or dusk.  This palette is also used for my British landscapes. I am especially interested in motion light and colour. My watercolours are painted onto calico and paper.

My work also includes life drawings and more abstracted work representing the human form, in charcoal, pen and ink, and watercolour. I also paint human figures, landscape and seascapes in oil.

Art Education: Chelsea College of Art & Design (BA (Hons) Fine Art 2011)

Past and Future Exhibitions and Publications: See here.